Monday, April 30, 2012

Baby's day out 2

It is exactly one week today since I gave birth to our second angel.

In the middle of the night I felt some discharge, at around 1:30am I went to the comfort room to urinated and to found out that it was not just an ordinary discharge, it was blood, spotting. But I don't feel any labor that time. I woke up my hubby.Using my cellphone I text my nurse (hihihi), my niece,about it. but she didn't reply. I even tweet the situation,1:45am.

I can not text my parents, I can not text my mother for she might get nervous or "mataranta" I can not text my father as well, for his message alert tone is too long that my mother might wake up. I stay up 'till 4am to observe. still no labor, but I still have spotting. and I felt that my right hip and legs are "ngimay" and my baby is moving inside my tummy seems like that she's knocking telling me "mommy I want to come out"hehehe. I packed/repacked the baby's things my hubby asked me "bakit, nasakit na ba? I answered him "hindi pa naman, para bibitbitin nalang kung sakali".I continue observing 'till I fell asleep...

Around 6:30am, I get up to fix my eldest for her summer class. At that time, I already text my parents about what happen & what's happening to me. BTW, I was already scheduled to go to the hospital that day to give our chosen date of my operation. My mother called & told me to go to the hospital because according to her that was what happen to her during when I was about to came out. =) To tell you honestly, I even got the chance to packed my things up, things I will use in the hospital and washed the feeding bottles.hihihi

It was around 8:30 in the morning, when we arrived at the hospital, after a few minutes, my doctor arrived. He done IE and told me that I should be admitted and will be under observation for he can not do the operation that day. Of course my cellphone is busy texting my hubby (who brought our eldest to her school) parents and my nurse/niece, after a few minutes my mother in law & my hubby came with my stuffs. At around 10am the hospital nurse came to my room asking for a shaver, I asked her why and she answered me that I will have my operation.


 After a few minutes she asked me to change in to a hospital gown.

It was I think 10:45am when the nurse came to again and ask me to go with her, at the delivery/operating room. Another nurse gave me a skin test at 11am and wrote 11:20am at my left arm and 11:22am at my right arm.  I went to inside the operating room the same time the nurse wrote in my arms. Had my anesthesia, I shot only, I think the doctor who gave it to me is the same doctor who gave it during my CS operation for my eldest 5 yrs ago =)., done their things then the next thing is I heard my baby cried, twice. It just happened that I was looking at the clock when I heard her cry and it was 11:35am =). in short I WAS AWAKE when they cut my tummy 'till they are stitching it which is I don't like. I even worried about it and wished that I was sleeping when they do it. I even heard the doctor said "oh sumisipa pa" for the shouted because I think my baby is "malikot".

Although I don't feel any labor, which is according to many and based on my experience in my eldest was the most painful and hard thing in giving birth, this time it was my cough that makes it hard for me. I remember telling the anesthesiologist that I can't hardly breath and that I feel that I was going to vomit. I just close my eyes and fell as sleep. When I woke up I remember seeing my hubby, he was wearing blue and my mother. =) After an hour or two or less my doctor came with our baby =) all their reactions was "kamukha ni Charmaine" our eldest.

The next more than 12hrs is one of the hardest for me, and will post it next time or it will be in my next post for this post is too long.seems like a telenovela na.hahaha.

So ladies and gentlemen, friends, family & colleagues let me introduce to you our second angel:

Saturday, April 21, 2012

To our everdearest Grandma

Dear Nanay Delang,

I remember the time and your reaction when I told you the story that Angela's name supposed to be Daniela and that was the last time you went to the Philippines. Because when I asked Richard for a name he suddenly said Daniela without even knowing that it was your real name 'till I told him that "Daniela tunay na pangalan ni Nanay Delang eh". Your reaction was "sana un nga pinangalan mo", from that moment on I regret it. 

And now, in a few more days, our new angel will be born. How I wish you we're still here not only to see her, because I know and I believe you're still watching over us, but also to hold her, take good care of her and love her like what you did to us. 

This time, when we learned that it was a girl again I never think of another name but your name to give her. and I won't regret it. I also wish that you were here to welcome our Daniela Angeli to the world.

We miss you and we love you so much Grandma.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life's Graduation

Yesterday, I attended an interment mass. I listen to the priest's homily... The message was nice made me realized a lot of things...

If I'm not mistaken, after Grandma's, this is first time I attended this kind of mass again. I'm not ashamed to say that I shed tears. I even told my companion that I might cry, because I remember my Grandma.

The priest said "mabibigyan nyo nga cya ng magandang libing, magandang libingan etc... pero hndi ntin mapapantanyan or maibibigay ung ibibigay ng Diyos sa kanya, ung buhay n walang hanggan." I realized a lot things after hearing that. When we lost someone very special in our lives,we tend to say "sana hndi nlng", others even blame God for letting it happen. I, my self always saying to someone close to me who is grieving for losing someone, to think in a brighter side, their love ones will be in a safer place where the can never feel pain and won't suffer again. But I never realized that there is more deeper things than that.

Sometimes we become selfish for losing that special person right?Let's admit it. And why? Because they help us?Comfort us?Loved us?Teach us?Cared for us?It's all for us and it is now gone. Is it BECAUSE WE LOVE THEM? For me, we tend to feel this or we become selfish because we are hurt in losing a special person. But did we realized that when they die there are a lot more for them? Those material things we gave them, physical comfort and more are nothing compare to what God can give them. After that message, for me, we should let them go although it hurts. And let's face reality we can never control it, God is in control. If we really love them let's just let them go "home" it hurts but God can give them a everlasting life which we can never give them. No more pain, sufferings, problems, they don't have to experience all the bad things in our world and in God's hand their safe...

The priest also said, death is like graduation. Some says that graduation is not the end but a start of a new beginning. Same as death when they or we lose our life here on earth, we start our new life, a better and peaceful life with our creator.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Calamities at Japan

As we all know there's a calamity or should I say Calamities that happen or still happening at Japan (as of this writing).M 8.9 earthquake and tsunami. SHOCK!!! with the past calamities in other country, I paid attention but I didn't worry like today. Why? One of my best friend is there, in the place where the earthquake strikes.

At around 3:30pm, she send me a message telling a lot of things that makes me nervous and worried. But knowing her, she sometimes panic, I told her to be strong, stay calm and pray. I even make a joke out that just to make her smile or lessen her burden ( wish it did even a little). And honestly, I cried, but I never told her. As of this writing she is on her way to her house, thank God she is safer now. But we will ever stop praying for their safety until it was really clear. Because it was said that there is still after shocks.

Besides her, her younger brother is also in Japan but in different region and it safer place according to our friend which is also in Japan.

FB chat, YM, chikka thanks for the help. I was able to get update from my friends in Japan at the same time I was able to pass the message or update to other concerns. (Castor & Mary's family,Castor's gf & our tropa). Honestly, I have lot of things to do, but due to this calamity and my friend I wasn't able to do it. =(

BTW, what do you think such calamities came? Some says it was in the bible, some says, effect of what the people did to our planet, hmmmm... Lots of opinions, lots of own point of view, but for me I just want to pray for the safety of the people at Japan first...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I'm not used to be alone. especially when I go out. As of this writing, I am here at Starbucks, SM-Rosario. ALONE!!!

I realized that there is also some fun things being alone, I mean more fun. Though there's a group of not so old ladies talking loud, they are the only table that is "noisy" lolz. Got a danish & Jave chip frap besides me while Purpleski is also here for more fun and enjoying the mall's free wi-fi access.

Seems like this would be one of my hobby now. If and only if I will given time to do this =D

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

HS Reunion

It's been 10 years since I graduated from High school. A decade since I last saw most of my high school batchmates. I'm a self confessed girl that I am not a popular high school girl. And not all of my high school memories are not that good. =(

This year,we had our 10th year reunion. I think since early this year my batchmates are planning for the reunion. There was a part of me that didn't want to go but another part is saying that I want to go. Reasons? Well, that's a long story.hehehe.

December 30,2010 at 7pm venue will be at Calle Real, Tanza,Cavite will be it. So I came. And I never regret it. It wasn't that "Romy & Michelle Highschool reunion" thing that happened. It was a blast! The foods are great, the drinks are awesome (open bar baybeh.hehehe) and I love the give aways (T-shirt & umbrella). I came early.Hahaha.and left at around 11pm, though I still want to stay, I need to go.

It was fun seeing your batchmate after long years, reminisce the old days and best of all the company of them. Though i'm not that popular high school gal and I didn't have the best memory of my high school days that I wish I had, I can say that I am proud to be included in my batch. SFS Batch 2K...

Hopefully there's a continuation of it...hehehe

Friday, December 3, 2010

Master's Degree

It was once my plan to take up Masteral Degree and it became one of my dreams.

During my College graduation, I was amazed or envy with those people who came up to the stage to get the'r diploma for their Masters' degree. Without knowing the importance on it, I told my self I want to get or have that too. And during my first few months in my first job, I become open with it. I wanted to have it!!! Considering that the company I was working at during those time offers a financial assistance for studying.( Tulong Aral benefit), and that gave me more motivation to pursue it.

As I was working, I never see the importance of a masters' degree because I was working in a manufacturing company and one of my group mate already have a masters degree, I never see any difference. But I still have that dream in me, but less motivation.

Now that I am working as an Instructor, I need it! and last week I was enrolled. I was really blessed! Another dream is coming into reality. I wish that I cam finish my masters' degree.

I am excited as well as nervous. After like almost 6 years, here I am again a student.

I thank God for this, I can't explain my feelings about it. And now I really appreciate the phrase "God's will" God's plan for me is great. I never see it before when I lost my first job, like what I've said in my previous posts, I those things didn't happened I may not be where I am now.

Thank you Lord!!!